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A user forum for M30W. M30W is a text based version of Scratch.

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Version 0.3.9 is out!!!! Check the announcements section for more information.



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About M30W

M30W (Meow) is a text-based version of Scratch. It can perform a few functions. M30W is mainly written in python.

Latest Version: 0.3.9

System Requirements:
0.3.9 - Python 2.6 or higher and the latest build of wxPython for Python 2.6
0.3 - Python 2.6 or higher

Download Links:
Download GUI Version(0.3.9)
Download Command Line Version(0.3)

Help Pages:
General Help

The best site for information is the M30W homepage because it has more downloads and more stuff.

Visit the M30W Site.

If you are really interested in developing or just want to see what the team talks about, visit the dev forums. If you have further questions but don't feel comfortable posting them here, contact us using the "Email Us" link at the top of the screen.


Greetings! I am an admin. I like Star Trek and MMORPGS. Besides that, um, M30W it up!



2010-02-20 20:40:12



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